The Wonderful world of me

I didn’t want to bore you all and write religiously about what I do and intend on doing. So, what better way to connect than with visuals?

I can honestly say life has been a ride, but just like rides it’s had up and downs. However, instead of dwelling on things I decided to diffuse my pain to maintain my sanity. So, welcome to the wonderful world of me!

I remember asking my mum whether pain can be published in which she replied, “it can be whatever you want it to be”. She kept it short but sweet in her response but through this I gained clarity.

Poetry is my art and this platform/ webpage is my clean canvas; my whiteboard of thoughts.

I can’t promise you’ll enjoy everything, that wouldn’t be life as in all aspects there is balance.

Thus, while I try to get this right and reach millions, join me on my big venture. After all I’m sharing/documenting in my book of life.

I hope to keep it interesting as there is loads to share, oh yeah and all pictures/videos have been taken by me. What a better way to display the definition of being a wanderlust.

So, don’t forget to comment, like and share…

To be Free I can only be me

–D. Edwards