I have an idea that’s pursuing me daily, an idea that has me considering the maybes, maybe it’ll work, maybe I’ll win, maybe I should stop the maybes and just begin.
1 foot in front the other of course, I had to align and be sure, intention and devotion is what I’ll explore, I hold the keys to the door and the control to the game; the underdogs ignited her flame
I Remember doubting me and struggling to make it to make it out, A life without anxiety, happy and free was all I thought about, then creativity sparked and decreased the fear. I learnt to grow and find the good in all of my tears.
Patience is pain, learning is lame, forgetting all the lessons life will have you trapped living the same; daily.
Deal with the depression, stop all of that stressing, disconnect read and reflect have a social life not a social mind
It’s not every day comments and likes! My mission is to paint you pictures with words not only to convince you but to diminish the insecurities within you.

D. Edwards |


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