Words of a Visionary

I’m not the smartest of the bunch but I’m the hungry one. I’ll pick a pen up and switch the game up for fun. Depicting thoughts and narrating dreams, visualising melodies in my sleep. It’s not me versus them it’s me against me, little do they know I found peace inside of me. I’ve got a beautiful glow and I wear it well, making sure I write the right things; words cast spells and I’m a spelling bee. When I have finished writing I construct the beat or vice versa, I’m planning to be the female producer that everyone’s heard of.
Travelling to different cities and states, holding all the keys to the gates; it’s show time! Independent champion and Grammy award winner I remember being that frustrated beginner. I wanted it all and for what? To jump on social media and flaunt all that I got? I’m more than money, I’m a wealthy girl eating healthy meals, financially free, taking care of me and my family.
I decreased pain and rebuke fear, if the hate pops up I steer clear, I do not mind just doing me, I’ve said it now you can count on me. I will achieve, become who I’m meant to be, I work day and night periodically.

-D. Edwards https://pain2poetry.com/2018/07/23/a-battle-between-thoughts/




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