A Battle Between Thoughts

I felt alone in a sea of people,

So much ego in one room

No surprise I didn’t feel whole or equal

Hope this event will end soon

Taking deep breathes to reduce the pace of my heart beat

Looking around, planning my exit

Have both feet grounded and I’m gripping my seat.

Trying to make a deal with myself like a politician, debating Brexit

Going back and forth mentally can be toxic…

Hold up this isn’t about to go down,

I thought you said you found another way out

And that you would have the last word

But you’re allowing your thoughts to scream and shout

You said anxiety was a sad mentality and deceased state of mind

So why would you sit here over thinking

Uncontrolled thoughts will leave you blind.

I know, I’m trying; fighting feelings, combating thoughts

 D. Edwards | www.pain2poetry.com


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