Shuffling Through The Pack

It’s after hours and its after dark
creative thoughts begin to spark
I feel the rush of insane pain
to write bars with the stars
everyday it’s the same thing
happiness and new beginnings
reminds me of Christmas with all the trimmings
I won’t feel good without a home run
to see my team win will increase the fun
I had to wave bye to my old ways
I’m like a new moon on a new phase
they say less more and I agree
I found peace in just being me
Not everything in life’s fair you have to run through the jungle
like baloo the bear
similar to Jane in the rainforest
I found a Tarzan; yeah that’s a metaphor
a vigorous speech to depict what I adore
Music and lyrics, rhythm and words
Creative, ambitious are two of my verbs
a short list to define my gift
I took a shot and no I didn’t miss
I keep my grass short to see the snakes
shuffling through the pack to dig out the fakes

-D. Edwards |



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