24 Hours

There’s a feeling of distraught when they don’t clap when you win
it’s like they can’t stand to see you do good and they’d rather see you sin
riddled in the same old, stuck in the same mould
it’s harsh when you see misery and when misery wants you to accompany
their stagnant ways although they portray and speak of better days
everything is still the same, making comments like one day
if the days could speak for them self
what would they say on how you strove for wealth
if you wait on people to give you handouts and pats on the back
you’ve been misled, don’t be like the idles; who spend all day in bed
Strive for yours don’t make it a chore, work hard and do more
you see I speak to some about my wishes and dreams
then they reply back with two words, like why be so mean?
There’s enough out here for all of us,
I guess it’s best to live in hope and trust the process;
not everyday share your story,
I’ve had some smile and nod and still ignore me
so it’s brings me hear; my write and tell
some of your closest would rather you ring the bell
sharing their beds addicted to procrastination
we all have the same 24 hours, live wild, free and take action.

-D. Edwards |www.pain2poetry.com



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