Two Sides to My Anxiety

I better get ready quick,
No call it off and say you’re sick,
I’ll be fine, I’ve been here before,
No don’t trust them, close the door,

I want to show my face and get out at times,
you know what to expect don’t believe your lies.
They’re but friendly faces there is nothing to fear.
Why bother go out it will end in tears? Spiteful glares and words that pierce like spears.

Everyone is not out to get me and I will no longer be a victim.
Oh wait, my arms gone numb and my heart is really beating.
I hate this mental prison, help me unchain; help me to see things different and dance in the rain
am I an introvert or extrovert or is this my anxiety?
The daily battle in my mind shared equally between 3;
the deadly trio,
I’m fighting myself, to save my ego and become my own hero.

There may be two sides to my anxiety but, it will always be me vs. me.

-D. Edwards |



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