Rolling up my sleeves, I’m ready and willing to achieve. Procrastination will only affect me reaching my destination, keeping me station and still. Pragmatic is a word that best suits me, wordplay is something I use to display emotion, I let me feelings flow; creating became my passion.

At times I wish I could go back to high school. Play football and practice music whilst I was young, learn to enjoy being present and happy, basking in fun.

I’ve said this before and I’ll write it again watch your company, mind your friends. I have come far but, there is so much further to go. I have a goal to reach and plans to practice.

Today of all days I have chosen to no longer remain frozen instead, let go completely; roll up my sleeves and move on freely. Let everything and everyone go so I can grow. Only time will show how distance aids me I’m a free spirit, my wings permit me to roam;
you can’t cage me in.

Music and writing is what I love, physical activities is what grounds me, desire derived from the two.

Roll up your sleeves and be you.

-D. Edwards |



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