Life’s Lessons

Mind set of a champion heart full of passion

Something that the idles Can’t imagine

In many realms it’s the A students that work for the C grade achievers, we are the make believers. Schools encourage a system that’s based on what you remember, does this suggest you are smarter than another?
hidden under cover as life lessons unfold; behold you can’t use one lesson taught in school to make you whole. Tender age of 16, leaving school quite keen to put in some practice then you’re face by sadness. The curriculum will have you staring at a pendulum waiting for your turn to rise. No teacher at school gave me this advice, no one taught me how to love and the importance it would bear and what happiness was like to share.
I was told that in order to be successful you had to stick at what can be deemed stressful. Maths or Science only written words are defiant and it goes deeper than that. The systems designed to keep us trapped, whilst some will fight hard to make it out the trap others put their hands up and it’s a wrap.

The guidance in life you need will stop the hurt and no I’m not suggestion the church.
Be present and learn your lessons only this will permit progression. No one told us about how love will set us free and the benefits of positivity so, think twice and don’t be cruel it’s the blessings we experience in life not the lessons we are taught in school.

Life long challenges and money earned, as you grow older you no longer yearn. Yearn for the material things; you’ll realise time is the only thing.
Learn to feel whole inside and project from within

-D. Edwards |



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