I Found Freedom

Creative talent and a dream,

Thinking what it’ll be like eating with my team,

Life can be so difficult but without them I’d be so miserable

Stuck in a 9 to 5 that was so typical

Had to change my life re-up and get spiritual

Meditating, elevating creating my path

Leaving bad thoughts in the past

At times things get hard but it never lasts

Held my head up high and began to laugh

I feel sorry for the ones that didn’t make it

The ones who stayed by my side to make sure I wouldn’t make it

They’re fake and phoney bet you wish you were by my side ay homie and that you still knew me

If you haven’t seen me in a year you no longer know me

This is the time where woman meets world

The enlightened being who creates her world

Give me a clean sheet of lined paper and a pen

I’ll regurgitate the pain from within

The deep thoughts are what brought me here

The things that once had me in tears looking back over the years

Smiling; the teachers in school said I would amount to nothing, now look at the mountains I’m climbing

It was all fuel to power my engine, I took time out to invest in me; manifesting peace

Solitude provided clarity, listen to the words I speak don’t just read them, feel them;

This was really my life until I found freedom

-D. Edwards | www.pain2poetry.com


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