Jealousy is a bad thing, the way your friends would rather you lose than win. It’s like a sickness something rooted deep within, people would rather you to be riddled in sin, fighting hard times in a wrestling ring. No matter your age people will change up on you whilst playing a different character telling you bogus stories on their theatrical stage. Turn the page; it’s not worth being surrounded in lies, undo those ties! At times your main supporters are strangers, some can’t deal with the fact that you came from the same place although we all have the same hours in a day. This week I said if people in my life aren’t meant for me take them away then, a few people began to act up and my efforts began to stray. I’ve been here before and instead of protest and ignore, I’ll open the door for you; my energy means more than you, in a friendship it takes more than one, it’s joint effort between two.

-D. Edwards |




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