I knew it was a done deal,

That one day I’d be signed to Dreamville

Wrote it down like you do when you write a will

Drafting rhymes pursing mine dedicating time

No waiting in line for this hustle; balanced my mind through the struggle

I was one of the hopefuls, now I’m soulful

Beat making, I’m caking and blowing up

Started writing and rhyming to toughen up

To me there’s no bottom and no top

I’m in the middle hanging in this present form

I remember living in my University dorm,


I hated life; looking back on the sad days that turned to nights

Drinking Alcohol and stuffing my face

Consuming unhealthy meals what a waste

Blocking out the pain, living in vain; polluted mind

How could I turn to someone expecting them to be kind?

When it was all in me, all in me to change my mentality

The battle was mine to win, whether backed up and living in sin

I was depending on my next of kin

I placed my heart on the lowest shelf,

It was my mum who encouraged self-wealth

She built me up and prompted strength

I looked into myself and began to repent,

I vented out the anger, now I know me; I am no longer a stranger

My mind will never be in danger or fall back

I give you my word, this time I will stay on track

I have a dream bigger than what you can imagine,

At times it’s hard for me to fathom,

To me there is no measure of sadness

That will stop me from being ruthless on my pursuit to greatness.

 D. Edwards | www.pain2poetry.com








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