To My Unborn Child; A Mothers Love

I love you and I haven’t met you, I love you and I haven’t conceived you; I just can’t wait to hold you and feed you, to spoil you and tease you, on a playful level. My heart beats strong and over powers the treble. I’ll be a rebel; I’ll work hard so I will have the financial freedom to spend time with you and watch you grow, I have so much to teach you and even more to show. Whether a boy or girl I will give you the world as long as you encourage peace, we will eat healthily as I prepare plant based feasts. I will support your endeavours as your thoughts are treasure; I will plant positive seeds in your mind while you are young, I will be by your side from holding you close to my heart, to watching you crawl, to learning to walk as you occasionally fall. When that is all said and done I will be with you until my race has been run and then it will be your turn to love your daughter or son,

I have loved you before day one

-D. Edwards |


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