Make Believe not Reality

I had to dash and hide for a little bit

Found myself 2 feet deep in a little pit

Had to duck and dive, what a near miss

Emotions all over the place, it takes the piss

Pain isn’t good for the soul,

It diminished my confidence

Left feeling, less than whole,

In a hole feeling hopeful

Just me, my pen and my notebook.

I changed my routine and bounced back from the scene

Surrounded myself with positive influences on my side; my team

It takes the strong to notice the wrongs and re-write life

Best to think things through at least twice.

Is the company you keep genuine? Or are they faking nice?

It’s ok to leave Mr nice guy and Mrs nice pal,

Some are only out for the good days

Watching your every move like night owls.

On the other hand, some are only around for the motives and not the keep safe memories

But, when that runs dry so, does their availability.

Believe me. People aren’t who they claim to be, it’s make believe not reality.

-D. Edwards |




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