Creative Block

I find myself at a complete halt when I try to force ideas. I repeatedly tell myself work hard now and relax later. Although, what do you do when the art won’t shine through? When I put a time limit on what needs to get done the creativity and inspiration is non-existent. It’s best to understand why you started and go back to what sparked your creative abilities. We all have areas in our life where we feel we can do more. Sometimes overthinking can encourage lack of concentration. Understand when to take a break, reflect, amend and then go back and give it a go. My mistake is trying to get a lot done and before I know it, nothing is happening. I have realised it will happen naturally when you allow yourself to be flexible and literally flow. Be present in all aspects. To be anxious is self-destruction. Work Smarter not harder; be confident with your decisions.

-D. Edwards |



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