I prayed for better days

I’m gonna climb to the top of the mountain, hold my head high and spray my bars like a fountain, Astounding? I’m just visualising my reality and who I’ll come to be, a recognised celebrity. Sharing my lyrics and instrumentals all this was at first mental now look where I am, travelling to different countries and spoiling my fam. I’m just a soulful soul no need for the glam, looking down at my hands, I can’t believe this mum. I’ve done it, with these hands and my mind up early to grind. Most importantly I believed in me, trust me I’ve saved a space on my shelf for that Grammy. I spoke this into existence sat back and let the universe do its work it’s amazing you’ll see the difference. I cut out the meat then the dairy people’s opinions quite contrary, the same people that had me believe in the tooth fairy. Highly amusing, you can only be lost when life’s confusing. Meditation is a must, now I have money I shop and don’t look at the cost. Don’t get me wrong I’m still humble, just makes a difference when you take a gamble with life and not money, the struggle was sour; not honey. Looking back its just funny I really made it here, my visions was so clear and dear to me, I prayed for better days repeatedly. Now it’s come to me, I made it here, financially free and so so happy.

-D. Edwards | www.pain2poetry.com



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