I can do this, and I believe in me. The visualisations just be teasing me, mentally pleasing me. I see myself calling my mum telling her works done and the funs just begun. Financially stable and able to take care of her, give back and share my wealth with her, we’ll be free eating well and healthy. Money is just vibration and energy. Through words I’ve attracted abundance and prosperity. So, what more to give back other than the sense of freedom when as a mother she installed courage and wisdom. Gave me space to be me, permitting me to grow up through hard surfaces like weeds. She watered my mind and watched me bloom shared stories and heart breaks in my room. When giving back and sharing my fortune it will only be right I start with you. We will travel the world and spend quality time, I’ll work and share my rhymes. I’ll take you to all the places you desire we’ll sit back and have a thought track on how I grew to be the person my younger self would admire. The universe has supported me through my biggest and smallest endeavours, so gratitude is the only thing I can suggest when everything is just a test. It will define your character, don’t bend or fold your structure. Be rigid and relentless only flexible when decreasing stress. Have patience and be specific when manifesting believe in what you are asking. I learnt to believe in me and my creativity 333; the holy trinity

-D. Edwards |


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