The feel-good memories

I didn’t come from a silver spoon but I had two rooms, one with toys in it. what else do you do with 3-bedroom house and a mum with no spouse you improve on it. Single parent home with enough room to roam until the cousins came over for the summer holiday, every day we played with permanent smiles on our faces, no walking to the park we were fast and had races. The good old days we never wasted, although what we had was basic. Smiles and fun; from day two of summer until the back to school runs. The movies nights and water fights and the childish bickering, the 4 cousins to one bed and all the fidgeting. The camping in the living room like we were in a field under the moon. The feel-good memories.

I have a cousin who grew to be my best friend, my sister until the end, they say we lookalike, well they may be right. That’s what happens when you spend so much time together through all the weather and emotional storms we made it here and defined our norms. I have been through my pain and battled mentally and if you need me I’ll be here patiently. You taught me a lot just by merely watching it’s not the material things but the absence of being. Being there and spending quality time with those you love, learning to let go, shake hands and hug. Sometimes the youngest is the strongest or does she hide it well, wrapped up in her emotional trauma; under her own spell. Well if a spell is what you’ve casted I’ll be the one to break the seal, bring peace to your life and a new feel. You have permission to be yourself, rejuvenate self-wealth.

Let’s go back in time and start a fresh, take a deep breath and imagine this too, remember how I stole your food, stabbed my fork in your burger and you yelled as though It was murder. Funny times and events that were organic and true, wouldn’t have been the same without you.

So, to my older cousin from another mister, the woman who I spent time with and with whom memories I share; my older sister. Do not be held in pain from what you abstain, there’s more in life to gain. When you get back from holiday we have more memories to make and more rules to break. I’ll be waiting on you; I’ll help you through.

Be good to you x

-D. Edwards |


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