To grow old gracefully and peacefully is what life means to me. The memories and mistakes along the way, the friends and foes, the things we learn to let go. October 6th, I turned 26; a new age to build bricks and develop. Knowledge is what new age brings, forget the material things. Think about the people around you, the ones that have been there since day 2, the ones who can count on you and you on them too, you don’t need many just a few; true positive vibes when feeling blue. Sometimes I forget to congratulate myself and how far I have come. This blogging journey has just begun but, I am happy with the response and progress by merely writing to decrease stress. I worry less and strive more. I don’t want to rush my years however, spend time growing in prosperity, happiness, wealth and abundance. So, 26, this will be my biggest and most prosperous year career wise to date. I’m planning, visualising and manifesting my reality. Everything I touch turns to gold; strong and bold, watch my visions unfold.

-D. Edwards |


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