A Free Spirit Like me

The hunger in my belly created fire in my lungs so; when I exhale you see the smoke defuse the fun. It’s just word play, designed to make your mind stay, I’m depicting the rage built up inside for emotions I chose to hide from the world; the introverted girl. You see the words I put together are more than just clever, whatever the weather I’ll always put pen to paper. I’ll be like a bully on the scene, kind and never mean to me that’s just obscene. No need to change my mentality to get where I want to be, decreasing creativity does not make any sense to me. So, do you dare to be, a free spirit like me? Remember the past cannot be changed whether you’re deranged; be free; life is just a journey. Overthinking used to have me in hurry. A positive thought brings forth positive things we are all enlightened beings. You only fail when you quit.

“I was once consumed by emotions I chose to hide now I have peace of mind”

-D. Edwards | www.pain2poetry.com



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