Home away from home

Have you ever been on holiday yet it felt like home? I found Peace on my travels and was sad to be leaving. I felt warm not just because the weather but my surroundings. Only thing is LA is so far from my family and friends. If not for them I wouldn’t have wanted to go back. I visited so many places whilst on vacation, not working a day permitted me to feel free, space to just do me. I felt connected; grounded and everything from the past just didn’t matter. it was nice to finally put things into perspective due to reflecting. I took a harsh lesson in learning to listen to my intuition. From cutting my hair to spreading my wings and understanding things from within just by listening.

Going to Los Angeles helped me to grow, something no one could teach me moreover, something I had to do alone. By the using the word grow, I mean I had time to myself to do what I liked to do, whether it was go to the gym and work out in the morning, eat brunch at 2 in the afternoon or go for an early evening hike.

I found peace in solitude which gave way to a more confident however, a more driven yet introverted me. I came back to London with hunger in my belly; I wanted more for myself. I wanted more out of life. The day before I left LA I drove down to San Pedro to see the Korean Bell of Friendship. It was more than beautiful and so picturesque. I sat there for a while and just thought about life and how far I have come and where I plan to go. It brought tears to my eyes when I realised that the trip I had thought about for years had now manifested and was almost over. Surreal but heart-warming and true. So what do you do? When you’re stuck between 2. I’m not sure whether it’s a big move to LA that I need to choose, although I do understand that I need to spend a significant amount of time there.

I feel the universe makes situations so uncomfortable that I literally have no option than to make that move or take that step. So, I’m guessing the right action will be revealed to me. I’m learning to trust source energy more and more. Instead of beating myself up with additional stress I’ll digress and work so hard on my dreams which is my love for poetry and music. I believe those two things will set me free. Allowing me to travel and work as well as the financial freedom and stability to not work a 9 to 5 job however, work for myself publishing poetry and song writing.

I believe if you work hard anything is possible and with God, the universe, source energy, dream with no obstacles, meditate and believe in you. This time 2-3 years ago I wouldn’t have thought I would be doing what I am now and travelled to the places I’ve been. Life is good and should be celebrated. Hold on to your dreams, only those can set you free. Next year I will have grown more and opened more doors. I believe in me and my capabilities.

Do you care to try? Just spread your wings you’ll learn to fly.

-D. Edwards | www.pain2poetry.com


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