Suicide prevention day

It’s sad that this must be a recognised day, I’ll mediate on all the lost souls who thought this was the only way. Life is good; it’s just certain situations that make us feel that we have a bad life or have been dealt an unfavourable hand. Let’s face it we’ve all had bad days. I hope those who a suffering find peace or, at least, decrease their pain, try not to be held in discomfort and remain the same. Spend more time with positive people and share your story, a problem shared is a problem halved at the end of the day. You are the company you keep. So instead of being lonely be prone to be happy. It’s your right, do not let anyone or situation dim your light; shine bright and be true to you. I won’t sell you a dream and act like this is an overnight process but, take each day as it comes and over time you will minimise the stress. Spend a lot more time outside and around people who you can be yourself. Always remember, you matter and you are enough.

-D. Edwards |



2 thoughts on “Suicide prevention day

  1. Your right D.E…very sad that it’s a day to be recognised, so let’s ALL who read this poem try and recognise those who need help by talking and leading them away from entering into SPD…until it becomes no more!

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