Goodbye to 25

I have one more month to enjoy the fine age of being twenty-five Next month I’ll turn twenty-six; it’s been a crazy ride. I understand why people say you should build in your twenties. I had a lot to learn, stuff that no one could teach me. Looking back over the years, if I was to write a letter to the younger me the title would read patience. I remember when I was younger, I was always in a rush to get old so I could experience the things I couldn’t at that fragile age like driving and going out without rushing home to meet my curfew. The years spent before becoming a teen I call fragile as those are the stages we absorb so much information; to be young and sponge like are the years before thirteen. These are the days where all we did was play, laugh and cry about silly things. The days where we would have a thin white moustache from the 99p flake ice cream from the ice cream van. The nights we spent all summer outside and then one by one we bathed and watched videos until we tire, some reasons why those days I still admire.

The Great Teens.
These are the days were character is built. You gain more freedom providing you with space to become your own person. You pick up on somethings that require you to be responsible e.g. money and time management. Early teens started off happy although looking back now, in more places than one I just went along with social groups. I spoke and engaged with many out of our circle but I feel when you start secondary school in England you quickly join a group that you feel you fit into. Lessons are learnt during this however, it is sad that life is full of boxes and labels and if you didn’t want to conform to one of those groups you were considered a loner. It’s the loners that had the strong mentalities even if they didn’t understand at the time but, they made a choice to not conform to what we deem as social acceptance. I would describe my teenager years as unbalanced, I was very lost and my mentality suffered. You are who you surround yourself with.

The Early twenties
from nineteen to twenty-four I’ll call this period of my life pain, it was hard, I had to find me again. Unlearn all the things I had been told and become a magician with the cards I had been dealt; no option to fold. I had to draw together my own definitions of what I stood for and the person I intended to become. I stripped back to the core and took a glance within, one thing that I had to do to win. I had taken too many losses over the years and losing myself should not had been one. From the age of twenty-one until now, I’d say has been the hardest but the most beneficial. Some things around me fell apart so great things could pattern/patch together. I had to work on me for the better. I started with my body and then my mind. I will call my twenty-fourth-year healing. This year having been twenty-five Is called transformation and next month when I turn twenty-six, I will continue to build bricks, only then after living that year, I will be able to define that period of time. I am magnificent, healthy, wealthy and kind, I learnt to balance and mend my mind. So, Cheers to being twenty-five and still alive, some people didn’t make it. Here’s my promise to myself and I will not break it. I promise to live each day as happy as I can and to show gratitude and a positive attitude. I intend to enjoy my life and have fun as this is just a short run.

-D. Edwards |



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