Day one of day one

Sitting at the airport writing. first time flying on my own feeling a tad overwhelmed. This year more than ever I have been doing whatever feels good and listening to both my body and intuition. I always felt L.A. was somewhere I had to go, well today’s the day. I’m more than ready to embark on this new journey, I trust myself more than ever. So, a bit of motivation to all those who feel stagnant; follow what feels good. Spend time with yourself. Travel and create. When doing so, you may feel alone so take a piece of home with you and hold it in your heart. I’ll be thinking about my mum as I depart. she’s my best friend and number 1 fan and reads my posts every day. So, mum as you’re are reading this trust that this journey is for me. I am healthy, wealthy, wise and abundant. This is a stage of recollection and part of my transformation. I know you’ll be thinking of me but this is just a writers retreat and I’ll be back soon. You are only one call away!

With love, D

-D. Edwards |



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