My Hearts Compass

I learnt to follow my emotions and intuition. The only way to describe this notion is pursuing my hearts compass. I tend to go where it feels good and to stick around the friends and family, who bring about positive vibes and energy. You are the company you keep and the people you surround yourself with. The term “your vibe attracts your tribe is so true”. So, when you look around, take a good look inside of you, what have you attracted, is this who you wish to become or how you imagined yourself to be. Surround yourself with doers and likeminded people. Don’t fall victim to what society wants or how society insists you should behave. We all have a compass; go where you’re inspired and encouraged, take on a new path with increased courage. Be brave; be humble, for we all stumble. If it helps meditate or pray at the start of everyday, get up, get ready and slay.

-D. Edwards |





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