Envy and Jealousy

When you grow old you realise all is not what it seems, some are surrounded by money but not all of it is clean; fake image and lost dreams

This is where the term all that glitters is not gold comes into fruition, people will be envious and become rivals in competition, how can you want what others have when you don’t know their story, or how they came to glory, plus are they even happy?

Despite what the eyes can see the heart embodies a stronger image yet, people will look at another’s financial gains and begin to pay homage.

Do these people you look up to so much even own what they have? Or is it leased?  Are the big houses they live in maintained in peace?

You see for me I strive for much more than possessions, I follow every emotion and listen to my intuition; I know where I belong and more so, where I’m going.

-D. Edwards | www.pain2poetry.com



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