Rhythm and poetry, my written words are actively changing me.

Separating me from life’s struggle, as I proactively jump over life’s hurdles,

Writing rhymes to serve the time, of my mental confinement.

No longer fighting myself through inner bereavement,

Sadness was once all I had to demise, from night until sun rise however, now I’m wiser.

Night walker day runner working hard on my craft and smarter,

Songwriter and poet, who would have thought it?

Growing up in the UK, single mother home what’s new ay?

My mum brought me up to know my worth, every other Sunday grandparents took me to church,

When getting old there’s a few lessons I can never forget and the pain I will never regret.

My struggle is what made me and for what I let me heart go through I chose to blame me,

I blamed myself for settling for less, and not being strong, but when you’re going through hardships can you differentiate between right and wrong?

So to the comforting lyrics and simplistic melodies,

I thank rap for helping me.

When you’re happy you appreciate the beat/instrumental of a song, when you’re sad you listen and at times relate to the lyrics.

So shout out to all the music that helped the mind heal what the heart couldn’t handle.

Pay close attention to what I, as a poet have chosen to share and dismantle.

-D. Edwards | www.pain2poetry.com



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