I call you Mike because you were my pal, but I haven’t seen you for a while, been missing the way you smile, please pick up the phone and dial; Me!

Would you please set my mind free, you be stressing me, just want to know if you’re happy?

Or where it went wrong? Our bond was so strong, been cousins from day one.

Wow, look at me now, all grown and still prone to family. I can’t believe how things changed like really?

Played football all summer, rode our bikes until the winter; had races to see whose quicker.

I know you’re not alone, just hope you have a place to call home, not just visibly but emotionally.

Since you’ve left the family, some celebrations just seem weird to me and why it had to be.

We never grew up with these intentions, I wish I had a cure or better yet a prevention.

Cousins are the first circle we grow up in, the first people we fight and argue with. Over petty things, like toys or whose turn it was to knock next door and ask for our ball; I always had your back!

As we grew older distance became a frequent factor, forgetting that family is what matters.

Maybe one day this will all blow over, remember we’d play run out’s in the park and run back to base like toy soldiers?

Despite the years we’ve spent apart I know where you are if I need you, but I wish you and your partner the best I really do.

Family and situations are always changing, I just wish the world peace; wouldn’t that be amazing.

Realistically that could never happen but I’m writing this because my heart was saddened.

As children, all of us cousins spoke about the cars we would drive and the places we would go,

But we forgot we still had room to grow, little did we know, the room to grow was apart, something we never knew from the start.

People change and sometimes without reason, but I wish you nothing but happiness through all seasons.

My cousins and my pal.

-D. Edwards| www.pain2poetry.com



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