Beauty and a beast

Bridge over troubled water; water over fire, manifesting my desires, let’s take this higher,

let’s go in depth, meditating focusing on my chest, just by the way its moves, deep breathing is the proof.

I’m hungry for this; I can’t lose, I’m done with the planes put me on a cruise.

Have me sailing looking to sky praying, no more tears falling from my eyes; constantly slaying.

Thanking the universe for my brighter days, pass me the fire for this haze; light up and blaze

Eating like a queen and I’m winning, no new year’s resolution this is the beginning.

Active when proving them wrong, understand where I’m coming from,

and where I’m going? I’m a changed woman now; externally glowing.

Losing some but finding me, bright lights paved a way for peace, vegan diet; healthy feasts.

There’s comfort in being a beauty and a beast,

Those from the past no longer know me, felt good following what the universe chose to show me.

-D. Edwards |


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