When I look in the mirror, I’ll tell you what I see. A strong black woman glaring back at me; hair frizzy, jet black and 4c. An empress who’s strong in her stature, one who relates to nature. A woman who’s had set backs but still stands tall, back straight, feet grounded; A strong wall. A button nose, full lips and curvy hips, an indigo child who is humble and mild, athletic and agile. Tattooed skin to reflect the pain within however, my ink tells a story. Ears, nose and belly button piercings, muscles toned from the gym training. Brown eyes with imperfect vision yet, they guide on my mission. When social media makes you doubt your beauty for their fake reality, believe me it’s not what/who they make out to be. We all have insecurities however, Photoshop is make believe. Look in the mirror glance deep within. Begin to accept your raw beauty, not their fake pictures and nudity. Next time you look in the mirror confidently admire what you see, as your thoughts create your reality.

-D. Edwards | www.pain2poetry.com



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