United is our Kingdom.

London bridge stand tall no act of terrorism shall make it fall. For years the bridge has connected the south to the east. let no one affect our peace.
United we could be if we stick together with source energy.
All the recent misfortunes have been acts of war and detest, nothing will stop this; even if we protest.
The cold-hearted man who drove his van into a pool of people outside the mosque in Finsbury park. What a day he chose to leave a dreadful mark.
When will these acts of inflicting fear steer clear, where are the people in power? Look what happened to Grenfell tower. An eye sore for the rich but homes for the poor; a building left burning whilst people were told to put a wet towel at the foot of their doors? If London wasn’t enough think about Manchester let these acts sink in and fester. Think about all the recent deaths and current stances in the world with live in, ask yourself are we free? or is this a prison.

-D. Edwards | www.pain2poetry.com


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