Learning to love me

When I began to love myself my diet and spirituality changed. It took a while for me to find myself and understand why I had become so unattached. To some this may sound far-fetched however; I learnt to believe in me. I remember being confused and lonely although, I was always around a loving family and some genuine friends. Self-love is so important! Without this you don’t have you. How can people love and treat you with the respect you deserve if it does not come from within first? Once I had learnt the true meaning of self-love and inner peace, I wrote a letter to the younger me. I told the younger Dee to be patient, to always remain kind, to understand nothing is personal and every day is a new beginning. My life took me on a new adventure in 2016; I learnt to let go of fear and dive into all my aspirations and again take part in the things I once enjoyed. I had 2 months off work to spend some time with myself. I began to meditate and stopped eating meat. A month after that, I was vegan. The Term health is wealth is not just about your diet, it’s about how you view yourself and the thoughts you focus on. I am now wealthy; mentally and physically. I do not long for a better half, now I love me I will only accept another whole.

-D. Edwards | www.pain2poetry.com






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