Road block or Mind Block

At times, all you need is a long drive and someone who will listen. If you don’t have that, put on your favourite CD, radio station or listen to an old playlist you haven’t heard in a while. Take time to drive and reflect. I promise you, you won’t regret it. Car journeys make the best therapy sessions. When your minds blocked or you need to take some time out for yourself to gather your thoughts go for a drive, or ride shotgun and release all thoughts and emotions to someone close who’s willing to listen. A problem shared is a problem halved. For me, talking to close friends and family helped me and most long conversations were during car journeys. I remember being at home one day and my head was a mess. So, I left home and went for a drive. I didn’t help myself as I was listening to slow songs on the journey but it helped to release all the pain. Music can bring people together but it’s also connected to experiences, people or events. As a result, hearing certain songs may take you back. Don’t be hard on yourself if this was to occur, instead allow the music to bring forth these memories, this will allow you to remove the clutter and gain clarity. My car has heard many stories and shielded many tears however, it’s not all sad. We have laughed, shared funny experiences and raved along to music. So, here’s to all the sad and fun times we have with family and friends during car journeys!

-D. Edwards |



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