Mindful and creative, thinking wise and never basic, proactive life; never waste it.

Money hungry but that’s not the only cause,

I want to reach millions, share my work and maybe one day hear my song lyrics at the Grammy awards.

I’ll have the finer things in life, whilst living my dream,

I’ll never forget where I came from so, when I eat so will my team.

Travelling to different states and cities; my book and pen forever with me.

Whether casual or smart, to be literary is my craft and I share it well; Dreams manifesting with no wishing well.

Playing hop scotch across the globe, ordering room service; eating in my robe.

Breaking bread and cutting stones, now on my way to Rome.

No longer spirit searching but, spirit living.

Happiness, freedom and prosperity was once something I craved however, all those arrived now I’m self-made.

-D. Edwards |


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