Would you die for your country?

This sentence above is so powerful however, controversial.

To die in this means and be none… for one man’s greed amongst rivals with a few small pawns just for fun?

I’d die for a cause and the ones I love but for a country, that’s a cut above.

To say country who do you mean the people or the closed minded Sheeple.

The ones who choose to be blind and close their mind.

Or do you mean for the bricks and mortar as land above water?

Is this what some beings do, fight amongst states resulting in a direct route to the pearly gates.

What do you mean when you say for my country?

What has this country done for me? It’s not like the rivers and the trees?

Providing us with water and oxygen; will this be Televised on CNN?

connected we are but one, unfortunately, this war has already begun.

-D. Edwards | www.pain2poetry.com


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