Only when we are lost, can we find ourselves again.

We never know how long we have or what else there is to gain,

But to spend your life guarded and hidden would be a shame.

What causes us to be lost, sudden change, pain, is this a must? Or self-inflicted,

To lose ourselves and be addicted, addicted to something or someone

A bit of lust, or just some fun?

We naively let these obstacles get in the way,

Hard to avoid like a shower of rain,

to help distract us from the pain.

But that’s all it is; a distraction,

Take a step back, put your mind into action.

Voice your opinions and share your troubles,

Reduce your stress to less than double, because being lost isn’t just the mind,

It takes time you’ll be surprised what you find.

I’ll give you a clue, some are brown some are blue,

we use them to blink and I use mine to see you;

our eyes are maps so, we can never be lost,

you can imagine and picture anything at no great cost.

Whether open or closed direction is what matters,

So, take time out of your egotistical gains.

Only at this stage of being lost, we can find ourselves again.

-D. Edwards|


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