Do we really say goodbye to 2016? or do we keep moving,

Why is this the only time we conform to a new beginning

Whether it has had a bitter end, somethings just don’t change; everything’s a trend.

We all conspire to what we think we know,

Take a step back and realise it’s just what you’ve been told.

For me there is no end, no time and no dates,

My minds in perfect balance,

What do you think? What do you do?

Do you naively let one year define you?

What do you think of dates? What do you think of time?

Are you fond of waiting in line?

Give the hours on your clock and the dates on your calendar a new sense,

Reduce their value from pounds to pence.

There’s always a reason and a choice, sometimes listen to that inner voice.

So, in 2017 if you want to take on a new resolution, opt in to focus on your intuition

Only then you will realise there are no dates and no times…

The universe will reveal what is for you in line, or in the worlds terms,

Right on time.

-D. Edwards | www.pain2poetry.com



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