Where do I belong?

Is it detachment or bereavement when you’re somewhere yet not content.

Is it the movies, films and shows that make me feel this way?

The constant confusion causes dismay,

Or is it disbelief on what I’ve come to know,

Should I be surrounded by snow or maybe heat?

My heart screams LA or could it be Crete?

Do I crave LA because what I’ve seen?

If I leave would I be mean?

I am chasing something is it my dream?

Or is it someone I can no longer see,

Someone from a previous life and we’re meant to be.

There’s always a sense of calling, every day, every night and again in the morning.

I’m developing and finding myself so I guess location is next,

I hate to leave my family but I’ll always text and call,

I’ll stay in contact with them all.

Something out there is drawing and closing in on my frequency, crawling in attracting my energy.

-D. Edwards | www.pain2poetry.com



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