The System

Imagine being brutalized and victimised by a culture. Picked on and picked at by vultures how can we socialise when we have been demoralised no longer hidden in disguise the hate is bait so confident they no longer hide. ridiculed and beaten now biting the hands that fed them and we’re stuck in a system. I wonder if the Lord will forgive them, now fighting our own forgetting where we stem from, kings and queens with many thrones and golden jewels where have they gone?

Justice for him, justice for her, where’s the justice in the system where’s the prescription for the cure? Smoking the herb is medicinal but, if you get caught you’re a criminal? Wasting time on the small crimes instead of looking at the intention in line with mens rea did the accused constitute these actions what about the ones who kill conducting foul exertion all they get is a slap on the wrist the system takes the piss, then comes the fake news as a distraction

State your name state your badge what’s your methodology and why do we belong to a flag. I mean it’s become a infringement to be black and ask questions. Slavery doesn’t mean that we have to be in chains what if we’re stuck in a routine and a system, everyday is just the same.

Running a rat race in a unfair game.. monopolies the majority and the minority hold the fame. Make peace your priority alongside love. I hope this settles in your brain and you stay strong like bones, walk in peace 1 min silence for Danye Jones.

-D. Edwards |